Blue Lion Beer is the brainchild of the Singapore and German offices of the Shriro Group, which has more than 3,500 staff in 15 markets across 4 continents. A family-owned business with more than 100 years of history, the Shriro Group owns businesses in diverse industries, from imaging, sportswear to technical equipment.

The idea of crafting a German brew customised for the beer-loving Asian palate emerged when Singaporean and German office colleagues were having a company dinner. It was unanimous among them that German lager was delicious but may be slightly heavy for the Asian palate. From a simple company-bonding dinner, it gave birth to a vision of using expert German brewing techniques to create a lager suited for the Asian market.


This project took two years to incubate, with a whole year spent on tasting through hundreds of beer samples using the same traditional Bavarian brewing recipe, used by various breweries in South-east Asia.

It was an arduous process of creating the perfect Blue Lion beer recipe but the teams’ daring confidence, and their combination of diligence with intelligence saw this project through to its fruition.

To ensure authenticity of the Bavarian identity, all ingredients, from hops, barley to malt are imported from Munich, Germany. The final result is a beer recipe made up of 95% malt and 5% rice, boasting citrus and floral notes with a less bitter and slightly sweeter finish. To achieve a purer and crisper lager style, the water used for brewing the beer is first passed through the state of the art 0.0014 micron liquid filtration system.