2Blue Lion Beer has a legendary history well-known throughout Germany. On the coast of Bavaria, a thriving town surrounded by a lush natural scene, was proudly protected by their own military force in royal blue. They had a budding society of creative souls that made their town well-known. One of their most popular talents was a General in the military. Well-liked for his children magic and fatherly figure, everyone respected him more than just for his rank.One day while patrol riding through the forest, the General found an abandoned baby. The soft-hearted General took in and raised the baby like his own. The infant grew up to be a strong soldier and eventually rose to Captaincy from his efforts and outstanding leadership.

3When he turned 22 in Fall, invading rebels were scouted to be 2 days away from the village and they were hugely outnumbered. Put in charge with military strategy, the Captain retreated into the forest where he could think best. Inspired by the animal activity around him, he pitched an audaciously novel idea.

Even though his military troops thought it was crazy at first, they couldnt help but marvel at the audaciousness of this plan. When the rebels arrived the next morning, a terrifying sight of royal blue uniforms greeted them with raised swords, and lions at their frontline pounding in their direction. Being more afraid of being mauled by ferocious paws than stabbed by silver swords, they turned and fled.

In celebration of the Captains’ ingenuity and daring confidence, the village brewed a beer in the Captains’ name and called it Blue Lion, which will forever be their victory brew.